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Manufacurers at Gatherings

One fine day Bob Van H. mentioned:

BVH> I am appending my response to a recent letter from Mr. Carl

Caspers, CPO and Ms. Lisa Schoonmaker, CPO regarding AOPA’s policy

on presenters at the National Assembly.

I have, finally, been awakened from the usual topics to pay attention to

the decision by the prosthetist’s professional group to prohibit

manufacturers from the gathering. Thumbs down boys, and here’s why:

I am an amputee, R-BK from trauma in 1969. I speak from that

perspective, and just read the —almost– always lucid Chris Johnson’s

reply with some interest. The bugger is asking all of us to take a look

around…But Chris speaks from first, an amputee perspective, in

spite of that College P stuff…

I am curious to know why a gathering of people who have opted as a

profession the opportunity to make me a functioning prosthesis would

think that their collective wisdom is sufficient that of necessary their

conference should exclude anyone, let alone manufacturers of the device

I count on to get my not so humble butt from point A to B?

I am a bit surprised (tho young enuf to be frequently fooled) by Ms.

Schoemaker being a signatory to a letter which was, uhhh, a bit lacking

in insight. Like Chris, she is capable of a bit more ‘deep thinking’.

BHV> I would prefer not to have aired this misunderstanding on

this forum, but I feel compelled since the letter to me was posted

on the listserv and many messages have followed compounding the


YO! Welcome to the internet, where once-upon-a-time ideas were currency.

And this might be a forum to work out those horrific ‘misunderstandings’

And of course, the best way to achieve understanding (if you bitch too

loudly about misunderstanding I assume it is ‘understanding’ that you

want?_) is to find another forum? Frankly, I happen to think those lads

at NERD_C (once) are providing an ideal forum to discuss issues—that’s

why this listserv exists, I though? Or old beaner, have you, once again,

missed the boat?

BHV> Please feel free to address any questions to me.

I am happy to do so…why do you think this is not an appropriate forum

to discuss ideas that you may, perhaps to chance, perhaps to dream, to

happen to be, uhhh, maybe uncomfortable with, and do not care to

discuss? You want a forum to discuss ideas with which you agree, I

recommend Hallmark greeting cards…

Paul and Stephen at Gator land have worked to provide a forum to discuss

ideas. I once met them. They seemed like bright enuf lads to be able to

handle an idea or two. After all, they play football down there, and

you can only take so many wacks in the head without appearing to be a

tad stupid.

Hey…you pros….open up your meeting to ANYONE interested. If you are

not hip enuf to separate ‘scientific evidence” {please know I luv this

phrase…passionately) from advertising, well, I don’t want you touching

my socket. Keep your goofy hands offa me. Give me a prosthetist whose

head in finely honed enuf to tell the difference in adverting and

interesting information. But hey, I assume you have a shit filter? I do,

and it works, every waking moment of my day.

Wayne Renardson


June 10, 1998

Carl A. Caspers, CPO

Lisa M. Schoonmaker, CPO

TEC Interface Systems

820 Sundial Drive

Waite Park, MN 56387

Dear Mr. Caspers and Ms. Schoonmaker:

This letter responds to your letter of June 9, 1998. AOPA values greatly its

manufacturer/supplier members and their contributions to the success of the

Association and its programs. The basic assumption in your complaint,

WR> Oh god….

Wayne Renardson


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