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Fwd: Ortho-Cephalic Helmet for Torticollis Positional

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Dear Pat,

I am forwarding you a response I received from a colleague who is not yet on

the mailing list, hope this is of interest


Arthur Graham, CPO(UK)


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Subject: Re: Ortho-Cephalic Helmet for Torticollis Positional Plagiocephaly

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This is something I did at Children’s. Deformational (positional)

plagiocephaly can be caused by torticollis, multiple gestations, high birth

weight etc. Commonly it occurs in late fetal life by the head getting

positioned in the pelvis so that it is constrained and receives pressure

interuterinally. The only central fabrication for a plagiocephaly helmet is

by a woman whose name I cannot think of in Arizona. She has patented a helmet

and has a course available. Six monthes is an ideal age to begin helmet

therapy since an infants head grows fastest from birth – 18 monthes and this

is when you will see dramatic results. What the helmet does is takes the

pressure off the flattened area and utilizes the rapid growth of the head to

redirect the head shape. Anyway, I do not beleive there is any off the shelf

products (maybe danmar) for this. I do not know if this is helpful

information? Since it also depends on the severity of the torticollis, if

this is the only problem, and if their stretching program is working.

Compliance is very important!

Thanks for taking the time to forward me that. I will have to take a look at

the UFL web site.

Have a good day.




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