Saturday, May 28, 2022

Follow up: hyperkyphotic brace solution

Ingvar Leskovar

Good time of the day

As I was asked to post follow up on this question, here’s what I had
as responses:

One, that I think, may work for those patients, is Spinomed. I totally
forgot about it. Has advantage of shape-able “backbone” and closures
in the front. Little bulk.
Thank you, several respondents, that recommended it.
Foamie TLSO from Spinal Tech (I had several done) could be option,
depends how advanced kyphosis is and how weak patient is, as they
still end up with sternal pressure.
One suggestion was Aspen Horizon TLSO, or a backpack style TLSO. I
concur and used them on quite a few kyphotic patients. My particular
patient rejected it.
Otherwise, mostly everyone agrees that, nothing really works.
Final option was to pronounce patient not a brace candidate.

From personal experience, I want to mention CAMP XXI thoracolumbar. I
had decent success with it, when everything else failed, because it is
soft and does not press anywhere too much. That was the one I called
“soft placebo” in my post. As far as they can manage closures. It does
give mild relief and, that counts.

Original question is below:

Good morning, Colleagues

Did anyone come up with a WORKING bracing solution for hyperkyphotic
elderly ladies?
Anatomy is, likely, best described with this: ? .
Normally, skin and bone, very short, very sensitive. Very little
shoulder ROM, poor vision, lack of desire to work with straps or,
simple inability to do so, weak musculature. In many cases, somehow
living independently and not really having helper.
Nothing off the shelf works, as it’s always too tall in the front,
too tight, too complicated and, definitely, not matching anatomy.
Custom devices press too much at the sternum and pecs, as they keep
collapsing into the anterior shell.
If someone has a working TLSO solution, not a soft placebo, I’d
really appreciate. I have several of such cases a year.

I. Lesko, LPO

*“Segui il tuo corso et lascia dir les genti”*


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