Thursday, May 26, 2022

Re: Credentials Troll

Jeff Waldmuller

I too was bluntly trolled earlier today after leaving feedback. I even left
my credentials and stated in the opening of my response my qualifications
and credentials. A direct response to that individual was sent kindly
asking them to refer to the response for my qualifications. It’s hard to
imagine what gain someone might have by trolling for credentials. This
person should certainly be questioned and/or removed/banned from list-serve
for harassing its participating members.

Yours truly,

……ABC Certified Something

On Fri, Jun 7, 2019, 9:26 PM R. Klee Burri wrote:

> Ok, I think this needs to be said. And if I’m out of line I’m sure Paul
> will let me know.
> There is an individual on the list serve who seems a bit hung up on the
> credentials of those posting questions.
> Now, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that
> the list serve is here for the free exchange of information, ideas and
> support for anyone involved in the field of prosthetics/orthotics.
> This would include
> practitioners
> technicians
> administrative staff
> patients
> family members of patients
> friends of patients
> O&P students
> high school students that think they might want to go into the field
> college students that think they might want to go into the field
> misguided engineers that think they need a pay cut and a lot more student
> load debt – that think they might want to go into the field
> Etc.
> Now.. . . To me, the person who is demanding to know the
> qualifications of every person posting a question is implying that only the
> questions of those with a pile of letters after their name are valid.
> I tend to leave the credentials of of my name when I post questions
> because I want those people who fall into those bottom seven categories to
> see people asking questions and having them answered by helpful community
> minded people. I will add them if it’s relevant to an answer that I am
> giving but it rarely is. A good answer (here I assume my answers are good)
> is valid irrelevant of where that answer comes from.
> In summation. There really isn’t a place for rude, angry, shouty,
> behavior here. People here are giving their time and their knowledge for
> the betterment of the field.
> There are places for that kind of behavior – I hear Reddit is lovely this
> time of year.
> Bobby Burri, BSME, CPO, LPO, GDP, RFSM,
> ********************
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> the words UNSUB OANDP-L in the body of the
> message.
> If you have a problem unsubscribing,or have other
> questions, send e-mail to the moderator
> Paul E. Prusakowski,CPO at [email protected]
> OANDP-L is a forum for the discussion of topics
> related to Orthotics and Prosthetics.
> Public commercial postings are forbidden. Responses to inquiries
> should not be sent to the entire oandp-l list. Professional credentials
> or affiliations should be used in all communications.


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