Sunday, May 19, 2024

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David Gross

Last week  I posted  an  inquiry to  see if  there  was  interest in  developing  a  directory of  video material   for  O&P procedures. I had  hoped for more  replies  so  I am  reposting this summary. The  idea  is to have a free, vetted directory for video  material that  has  been evaluated   by  certified  peers acting as  volunteers.It would  be publicly available  on-line  without  charge. Proprietary information would not  be included. This could be  done  simply at our practices as finances and time permit.Materials already on-line  could  be indexed and  vetted as well. Possibly  assistance  could be  gotten  from  the  volunteers involved.We would then  have a   great  resource for those working in  developing  countries for  teaching  and  for the rest of  us  for  review  and  reference. These  are just preliminary  ideas.
One  of  the most interesting  replies  was  from  Al  Pike  CP(E) who many of us know  well which I am posting with his permission:
“Great idea and back in the 1970-80s’ I set-up a videoproduction studio at Otto Bock. We produced a number of videos on casting andfabrication procedures. The industry has somehow gotten away from this type of educationvideo and focused more on advertising and selling video. With today’s DSLRcameras and software it is so much easier to produce and distribute video. Wishingyou all the best and success with this idea and I hope it works to the benefitof the profession and those served.  ”
If you  would  be interested in pursuing this possibility please  contact me at my email  address: [email protected].
Thanks,Dave Gross CP


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