Sunday, May 29, 2022

Abdominal Brace Responses and outcome


Hello List,

Thank you again for all of your prompt and helpful responses. I dispensed
the abdominal protection brace yesterday, and so far so good.I ended up
doing my original plan, and really carved the cast in around the waist and
had it come around to just past the midline bilaterally. It was made with
3/16 copo, and a 3/16 thermofoam liner, and a wide elastic strap around the
back side. She really tested it in the office crouching down, playing with
toys, and jumping, wiggling and climbing. So far so good. She was really
happy with it and wanted to wear her sky transfer paper “armour” on top of
her clothing. She even asked us to test it out by throwing toys at her

The responses are as follows:

Just a thought. Have the physicians stated the location of the at risk
areas, and will the purchase indentations affect those areas? You might end
up with elastic shoulder straps.
Have fun!

Check out this

We have suggested motocross protection gear.They make them for kidsWe tried
to make something like this for an 11 yo female who wanted to play soccer.
We simply had her parents get a snug t shirt and sewed a pocket into it and
placed a copoly shield into the pocket – same area you are mentioning. The
CP was about 3/32″ to keep it light, the large area distributed the forces
well. But she refused to wear it at all so I cannot say if it would have
worked. The major problem is the movement of the torso, it moves much more
than an extremity in opposing directions from one side to the other due to
reciprocal gait, and that did not even consider standing and sitting
changes. Good luck.

Karen, i made a dozen or so of those over the years. I used 3-16 PE without
padding but made sure that it was superior to the lower ribs and inferior to
ASIS. I never went posterior to the lateral mid-line and used a removable
elastic wrap to hold it in place. The plastic & elastic were held together
with Velcro.

What about an Orthomerica CASS with the posterior panel removed? They come
in plenty small enough for a 5y/o and should give you a good protective
plate up front, while having the compression straps from the back pad to
keep everything in place while she is out & about. It would be a little more
bulky than a single elastic strap posteriorly, but much more robust as far
as keeping things in place. Interesting project, and good luck!

I have used a design like that in the past.

Where I used to work they make kidney guards. They get a neoprene
lumbosacral cinch custom made with a pocket in it (i.e. two layers of
neoprene with a velcro closure across the top). Then slide a piece of low
temp thermoplastic inside this pocket after you have custom moulded it over
their abdomen.

You will probably end up adding the much dreaded shoulder suspension straps
of wide 2″ cotton webbing that cross across her spine in the back. Much
hated but great suspension.

I just did one and Benik made it. Beautifully made!

Thank you to everyone who responded!

Karen BoehmCOC


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