Monday, December 5, 2022

Pectus Carinatum Responses

Mark Raabe

Hiya All,

Thanks to all those responses, listed below, to my enquiry on Pectus
Carinatum management.

In brief… custom made solution is available through West Coast Limb &

Off-the-Shelf solution available through Trulife.

As we are situated in Australia will try the Trulife option first.


Mark Raabe, CPO-AOPA


OrthoSynergy Pty Ltd

P: 612 9522 2990

F: 612 9522 2116

E: [email protected]


Heya Forum,

Have 14yo male patient presenting with Pectus Carinatum due to growth spurt.

Please advise regarding successful orthotic management techniques that

you may have used for this problem.


In the past I treated many Pectus Carinatum patients using a similar design
to the West Coast Pectus Orthosis with great results. There are currently
several off the shelf orthoses out, I believe Truelife as well as Spinal
Technologies have them available. I did not use any of the OTS products as I
had a lab fabricating my pectus orthosis.

I had access to a scanner and would scan my patient at the initial visit,
with a new scan obtained at a three month follow up. It was amazing to see
how quickly the deformation decreased.

I had my patients wear their pectus orthosis minimum fourteen hours, however
some would wear them up to twenty three hours.

Pectus Carinatum orthosis from westcoast brace and limb in Florida. I have
used successfully 3 times.

I just did one through Spinal Technoogies, also boston brace does one as
well. However the hard part is the coding. Hope this helps.

West Coast limb and brace in Tampa, Florida does c-fab pectus braces.

Its a rarity that we see docs prescribing a P.C. orthoses but when we do we
use a type that is worn at night over a 6mo. period maybe longer depending
on severity. Spinal Tech has a PC brace that works on a b/l “ratchet” system
to increase thoracic pressure with anterior/posterior pads. Good results
achieved with this orthoses over time. Hope it helps.

Contact Eric Bapty CO(c) in Hamilton Canada – I think he is the expert you
are looking for.

This may be of interest to you?
Pectus Carinatum Orthosis from TruLife.

Check out the RCH Melbourne website as they have an info brochure on Pectus
Carinatum bracing that they are doing at present.

Trulife has a Pectus Carinatum Orthosis you might be interested. Please see
page 108 in the Orthopedic Catalog. Please let me know if I can be of any

Go to Westcoast Brace & Limb.

Just saw an ad for The Original Westcoast Pectus Compressor in the May

2011 edition of The O&P EDGE. I don’t know anything about how or if it
works but just thought I would pass this along. The website is or call 1888-552-2555.


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