Saturday, May 21, 2022

Silicone AFO responses


Thanks to all for your response….expanding one’s horizons keeps life
and work interesting!

Nadine Bourg, CO

i have been fitting the SAFO in the Northeast, mainly to CMT pts with
results.Please call me to discuss

Arthur Graham, CP
Next Step O & P
617 581 6750

I can discuss this with you. I have fit three patients with this
device. Call me At 713-747-1000. Keever Wallace, Lone Star Orthotics,
Inc. Houston Tx

I have fit two pairs of the silicone AFO’s you’ve asked about from
Dorset Orthopaedic.
I feel that they fit extremely well when a good mold is taken, however,
they’re extremely expensive (about $1268 pound sterling) which is ~
$3200 American.Since there is no L code for the silicone AFO, it is
impossible to get it reimbursed
at a reasonable level by private insurance. I have required my patients
to pay half at
the casting and the other half at the final fitting.Clinically, they do
not efficiently dorsiflex the ankle during high activity times. But
forgeneral ambulation, they’re adequate. One of my patients has a back
up pair of bi-
lateral copolymer AFO’s for golf and taking long walks. Both of my
patients like the
ability to drive with the silicone AFO’s on. In general, I think it’s a
good idea but they
are very expensive which will be a deterent to their use. You should be
able to get
the phone number on line. They are more than happy to have more
practitioners in
the U.S. use their services.I hope this information is of value and good
luck in your endeavors.

Richard Gaudio, C.O.

hi there,
apart from the named company there is also Ortho Europe – C fab
who produce these devices.they are definitely worth investigation as
that is where i get
all my silicone partial feet and cosmetic convers done.
trans atlantic flights are not that expensive and the patient
may wish to take a holiday as well!!

l hughes
Managers name is Lyn….all the best

I am an Orthotist working in the UK, I have used a couple of Silicone
with mixed results.With the correct patient selection however, they are
a good product.

Cameron Hall
State Registered Prosthetist/Orthotist

Contact Bob Watts at Dorset and they will make the AFO for you. Best
Gary Seaman
Prosthetist & Orthotist
Prosthetic Consulting
Cologne, Germany
[email protected]
Web Site: Prosthetic Consulting>


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