Monday, May 16, 2022

Re: US Politics: Consolidation Questions

Here are the answers to the questions I’ve received since my post yesterday.

1. – I am ABC certified but my facility is not ABC accredited. You statement

says that as an individual I may join the new association, but my facility is

ineligible. Is that correct?

As I noted in earlier post to the list today, I incorrectly stated that

Active Company members must be ABC accredited. The criteria for this

membership category requires that a company primarily engaged in the delivery

of O&P care must demonstrate that it employs an ABC certified practitioner in

order to be eligible for “Active Company” member.

2. What are the ABC professional and facility standards for suppliers? Will

this require all supplies to have ABC certified practitioners on staff?

Article II, 4b states, “Adherence to ABC Standards. All members must agree

to abide by ABC facility and practitioner standards of excellence, ABC Scope

of Practice, and the ABC Canons of Ethical Conduct.” This requirement is

intended to apply “as appropriate.” Thus, a supplier member does not need to

comply with scope of practice since they are not engaged in the delivery of

O&P patient care. Conversely, if a BOC person belongs to the association as

an individual affililiate member, then he/she will need to comply with all

the ABC requirements concerning the standards, canons, and scope of practice.

3. What are the benefits to non-voting membership?

The same as they are today. Access to all member benefits – member discounts,

insurance programs, subscription to the O & P Almanac and the JPO etc. – The

only thing they won’t have is a vote.

4. What is an “active supplier”?

Article II, 3b states, “Active Supplier Member. Any eligible firm principally

engaged in the manufacture or sale of materials, components, tools or

equipment used in fabricating orthoses or prostheses, or in providing

services directly relating to O&P to those providing care to patients or

manufacturing or selling materials shall be eligible for Supplier Membership

in the Association.”

The word active is used because only active members will have a vote. Article

II 4g states, Right to Vote. All Active Members in good standing shall have

the right to vote.

5. In the new consolidated model, will individual practitioners be

required to pay one membership fee to the new Association and another

renewal fee to ABC?

It is anticipated that the individual will have two options.

1. Join the association and pay the association dues which include the ABC

renewal fee.

2. Pay the ABC renewal fee only. This individual will have no vote and will

receive no association benefits. The ABC renewal fee will probably not

include a subscription to the O&P Almanac or the JPO.


David J. Jendrzejczyk, CP, FAAOP


O&P National Office


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