Sunday, May 29, 2022

Access programming-responses

Pat Peick

> Dear All,

> My last posted note may have been less than adequate given my burgeoning flu

> symptoms. My apologies.

> Has anyone tried finding to buy or given to programming their application


> their own practice? The eventual goal would be to Network several offices


> different cities? I started learning ACCESS because it was part of

> Micrsoft’s office suite and thought it would inherently run into less

> problems as time passed and upgrades came along. Presently having success

> with running it on a solo laptop and on my associates laptop(non-networked).

> I am still developing it and adding new capacities to make it complete as

> possible. Are there any pitfalls out there I should be aware of? Is


> a nice commercially available system with the flexibilty that comes with


> programming,i.e. queries and reports?

> When I started about 1.5 years(is this guy bored?), had no idea it would be


> consuming of my time.

> A big reason I even started this whole adventure was that the computer


> we have in this neck of the woods seemed to be completely incompetent and

> could not even return a phone call. I could not see putting ourselves into


> technology headlock with computer nerds who had no idea of customer serivce.

> Pat


For years I ran my practice with a software package called OA4. I was

an integrated database with spreadsheet and word processer. It was on

the order of Symphony. While I was able to effectively manage my

practice with this system, constantly upgrading, trouble shooting and

debugging was quite time consuming.

I then purchased a program called Dezine. A total disaster! I could

never get timely support even though I was paying a premium support


I finally picked up a package called Medflex. I have nothing but the

highest reguard for this program, its developer and support staff. I

have been using the program for a year and a half.

1. It a powerful package manageing both accounts payable and


2. There is not a report I know of that it cannot write or the support

staff cannot create in a matter of days.

3. It is the best supported package I have ever owned, bar none! I

have never had an urgent question or a problem that was not answered or

solved within the day it was asked, usually within the half hour.

4. It does require a mandatory support fee, but they have never failed

to be there when I needed them.

5. Their weakest area is their manual and they desparately need to

write a better one. This not withstanding, their support almost makes a

manual unnecessary.

O.P.E.N (O&P Entrepreneur’s Network) markets the program. If you go to

Miami, O.P.E.N. will probably have a booth. Mike Bass, one of

O.P.E.N.’s principals and John Mason, one of the persons who developed

Med Flex, will be demonstrating the program. Stop by and see them.

John Benson

Second response:

please give me a call at binghamton limb and brace

607 797 1246

perhaps a phone call will prove more elusidating.

try medflex it works.

also try ziff davis books or their web site for info on databasing.

We are working on a office integration program using ACCESS to keep patient

data, history, billing, inventory, mailing lists, letter merges etc. We

think this will do everything the $8000.00 P&O programs will do . We have

spent a lot of time and money developing this program and may offer a Beta

version. We think we can sell this program as an add on program to MS

Office Pro for not too much money and no monthly support fees. Only fees

would be for updates that people wanted.

Marty Mandelbaum

Yep! Is more easy with VFP. At least I found it in that way. With the

VFP is moro accurate with the filters when you made a query because yu can

define many kinds of joins.

This is very good! . the truth is that I work moero in my project with the

costs of work and the procedures of manufacturing… My vision is to use

this program as a quality control help and of course as an analysis tool for

optimize the manufacturing procedures for been more competitive.

People seems to be interested but they dont understand very well the

objective of this develope…. We must considder that the P/O in Mexico

still loking the computers as a kind of devil or something like that….

Many people dont think that it is more a tool than anything else.

🙂 At the begining test and mistake… with the time I have the oportunitty

to get involved more with the computers for job affaires, I worked as a

consultant for TV Azteca in the systems area… In that place I learn many

things abouth database.

The truth? I like more P/O !

So, I think that it could be a good idea to conciliate bouth points.


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